Adidas shoes started with a humble shoemaker and an original idea for its time. Adi Dassler wanted to create better runners for athletes. It's an idea that caught on and in 1949, Adi trademarked his three stripes. Today Adidas' three stripes are icons of sport and fashion.
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  • Hessian
  • Kedaesien
  • Boileau
  • Ethilania
  • Literacer-jg
  • Literacer-jg
  • Literacer-jb
  • Literacer-ib
  • Literacer-jb
  • Literacer-ig
  • Altarun-jg
  • Duramo 9-jg
  • Duramo 9-jb
  • Duramo 9-jb
  • Duramo-9-l
  • Duramo v-jb
  • Altarun-jb
  • Rapida i-ig

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