Love Our Planet

    Sustainability is very much at the heart of our thinking! We create a more sustainable branded shoe collection with a stylish look and help to protect our planet by using recycled, eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan materials. it has become urgent to think of new materials, processes and practices that are more sustainable and respectful of the environment because we are faced with increasingly scarce natural resources. We can help to do this by using up waste materials rather than destroying them, avoiding CO2 emission that increases the greenhouse effect and subsequently global warming. We believe that many small actions can make a big difference for future generations.
    8 items
  • Eloimeth - Mid-Calf Boots
  • Onelibeth - Ankle Boots
  • Warbler - Ankle Boots
  • Coecia - Lace Ups

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  • Eloimeth - Mid-Calf Boots
  • Coecia - Lace Ups
  • Vybeth - Ankle Boots
  • Abaylle - Lace Ups

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