Our first step was a bold one. To design shoes that fit how women lived their lives. A simplicity of design that was also its richness. Pure styles. No tricks. There is a beauty to this simplicity, an authenticity uncomplicated. NEARLY 100 YEARS LATER, WE REMAIN TRUE TO OUR FOCUS. We were the first brand to ever make a shoe specifically designed to the contour of a woman’s foot. Something we are proud of and keep perfecting each day. For every woman making her way with her feet on the ground, eyes on the future and heart in the moment, we stand beside you. Sharing our voices to inspire tomorrow today. Keeping our commitment to bring you a better shoe. Every. Single. Day
3 items
3 items
Flexy black by Globo - Main
Flexy_w-l - Flat Heel - Ballerina
Madalyn_gore - Block Heel - Ankle Booties